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The Surface Engineering Company



Plasma Technology Incorporated, also known as PTI, was founded in 1969 and has been providing quality surface coatings for nearly 50 years. The surface engineering that PTI provides, allows for more durable and cost efficient parts. These coatings are significantly more cost effective than purchasing solid parts of similar composition. This also permits the surface of a part to have a different, more durable, composition than that of the base material.

Over the years Plasma Technology, Inc. has been refining its techniques to provide more precision coatings. This experience allows PTI to use multiple methods of surface engineering such as; High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Coating (HVOF), Plasma Coating, Combustion Coating, and Wire Arc Coating. These various techniques allow PTI to custom tailor coatings for each individual part, which in turn extends the overall life of the part.


*PTI West Coast Facility Accreditations

GE Aviation Bromont (Québec) awards Plasma Technology 2013 Gold Coating OV (Outside Vendor) Bromont Cert 2013 download


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